Despite on-premise servers sitting behind actual lock and key, hosted desktops still reign supreme when it comes to security. If your team are scattered across the country (or the world), we ensure all transmissions are encrypted – your data will never leave the hosted desktop environment!

So, forget misaligned cybersecurity strategies and say goodbye to expensive licensing fees. Now all users are safe and company data stays secure.


We build to your exact needs, adding or removing users at no extra charge and updating software applications when the latest versions are released. Our team will even allow for additional APIs to be added on to your system where possible.

No longer will you be charged for a one-size-fits-all solution that’s barely relevant to you – Fonza’s pricing is flexible and reflective of your requirements.



We understand how much gets spent on maintaining and optimising servers when an expensive on-premise solution is used. That’s why, thanks to our green agenda, we do everything within our power to repurpose your legacy infrastructure and potentially reduce costs.

With us, the baby doesn’t get thrown out with the bathwater. We recommend solutions we believe work best for you, and often that includes some of the good work you’ve already done.

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