What Are You Doing To Attract The Workers Of The Future?

For decades, people chose an employer, climbed the career ladder, and did their best to make a positive impact within the company. But the workforce of the future has other ideas…

Instead of fixating on job security, millennial and Gen Z employees value company culture and office perks higher than traditional benefits such as pay.

Sure, pay still plays a part. But it alone won’t secure you the top talent. You need wellbeing-related policies – and the tech to support them – if you intend on appealing to a younger audience.


Stuck for ideas? We’ve got just the thing…

Remote working

Working from home is a lifeline for some, and a useful convenience for others. There’s nothing worse than having to take a day off for a contractor to visit and, frankly, the workers of the future won’t stand for it.

In fact, it was reported in the US that 34% of workers would be willing to take a 5% pay cut to work from home. 20% went further, saying they would sacrifice more than 10% of their earnings to have such a luxury.

The trouble is, businesses are (rightly) concerned about cyberattacks and data loss. There are solutions to this of course – hosted desktops being the obvious one – but businesses then have to weigh up the cost of providing company laptops and other equipment.

Bring your own devices

There’s always the option to allow employees to use their own devices. Provided they have the facilities at home, it makes monetary sense to allow them to work from their own computers, right? Well, not necessarily.

Allowing employees to use their own devices opens your business up to all kinds of danger. Every employee you allow to work from home will have varying levels of cybersecurity on their device, or it may already be riddled with viruses.

To mitigate against this, you need to provide specialist software, like hosted desktops, which essentially act as a screen between users and your data. In this circumstance, infrastructure would be hosted on the cloud instead of on-premise.

Flexible hours

Of course, once you’ve protected yourself from any vulnerabilities, you’re able to offer the big benefit. More than 54% of UK workers work flexibly in some capacity; however, 68% believe their arrangement is still not flexible enough.

Just think – simply by being more relaxed than their previous employer, those two thirds of employees might consider working for your organisation instead.

In order to pull this off effectively, however, you would need to provide the facilities for them to make the time back. There needs to either be a work-from-home policy in place or the individual must be able to enter the office outside of typical working hours.

Where Fonza fits in

It’s our view that hosted desktops are the only solution that allows for safe remote- and flexible-working policies. As such, we avoid off-the-shelf software and tailor our service to you.

We understand that it can cause disruption to move from on-premise infrastructure. But with us, you can repurpose legacy systems with a desktop scenario or hosted virtual desktop – and, as an added bonus, no longer will you be expected to pay an arm and a leg for updates, upgrades and integrations.

Wave goodbye to unreasonable licence fees and forget having to pay for individual workstations for remote employees. Now every computer accessing your cloud-based system is secure – regardless of its model, make or condition.

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